Christian Formation

St. Stephen’s believes that Christian Formation is a lifelong journey.  All through our lives, beginning with our baptisms, we grow into Christ.  At St. Stephen’s we offer opportunities for seekers of all ages to participate in Christian Education classes, courses, and programs.

One of the most popular spiritual growth opportunities for adults at St. Stephen’s is Education for Ministry (EfM).

Education for Ministry is a four-year study and spiritual growth program for adults.  Based on the core curriculum of the School of Theology of the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, EfM takes its name from the ministry to which each of us is called by our baptism.  Participants sign up for one nine-month year at a time and study Scripture, Church History, Theology, and ethics and learn to reflect theologically on their own lives.  We like to say that EfM is for wanderers and wonderers.

At St. Stephen’s we offer both an evening and an afternoon EfM group.  Each group is led by a trained and certified mentor and has between six and twelve participants.

To date over fifty people have participated the St. Stephen’s EfM groups. If you would like to know more about this program, contact the St. Stephen’s church office at 305-448-2601.

We offer a weekday Bible Study class on Thursday mornings. Please contact Reverend Jo-Ann Murphy at 305-537-1297 or for additional information.

Sunday morning Christian Formation for Adults program is called Invest 2 for Adults — Invest two hours on Sundays, one for education, one for worship.  Programs for adults are offered on a variety of topics by parishioners and guest presenters alike.  One season Invest 2 might feature a book study (such as on Karen Armstrong’s “Ten Steps to a Compassionate Life”), and the next it might be a seminar on world religions.  Recent Invest 2 for Adults presentations have included discussions on  timely topics such as Christian perspectives on immigration reform or issues that arise as we make preparations for the end of our earthly lives, bibliodrama, and “Everything you ever Wanted to Know about God but were Afraid to Ask.”    Invest 2 classes are always advertised well in advance and no pre-registration is required.  Come when you can – you are most welcome.  Sunday mornings from 9:30 until 10:20 am in the Peacock Room unless otherwise stated.


In addition, St. Stephen’s Christian Formation for Adults also includes Lenten programs and more specialized instruction such as pre-wedding counseling, baptismal preparation and Confirmation classes.  These programs are led by the clergy and may be arranged on an individual basis.

Please contact Rev’d Jo-Ann Murphy at to learn more about St. Stephen’s Christian Formation for Adults.

Please check our calendar for Invest 2 adult programming.