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A Role for St. Stephen’s in the Wake of Violence

“What narrative shall we tell ourselves about the current violence in our country?”

In this letter, Bishop Peter Eaton speaks out on the violence that is sweeping America.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 12.30.01 PM“Wherever we turn,” he says, “we are either terrified or sickened, and there seems to be no comfort or safety. We shall pray once again this weekend for those who have died or been wounded by acts of human violence, and our hearts go out to the grieving.”

How do you talk to God?

The Rev. Jo-Ann Murphy shares her thoughts about prayer and the many ways it can help you connect to God.

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We Welcome Ernesto, a Political Refugee

Together we can touch and improve Ernesto’s future!

St. Stephen’s Plans Coconut Grove Prayer Labyrinth

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“We intend to create a public space where guests will always be welcome, ” says the Reverend Willie Allen-Faiella, rector of St. Stephen’s.

Read the sermon given Sunday, June 19, at a special service with a litany for those murdered in Orlando.

There is more information about this service on our Facebook page.

The Visitation: God Talk with Pastor WillieThis image is taken of a sculpture at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church. Mary is the topic of a new "God Talk" series by Pastor Willie.

See the full God Talk video series here.