Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church
2750 McFarlane Road, Coconut Grove, Florida 33133
Phone: [305] 448-2601 Facsimile: [305] 448-2153
E-mail: parish@sseds.org

Wedding Policies

Religious Affiliation
We only require that one member of the couple be Christian.

Service Format
The service is based on the words of The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage found in the Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer, p. 423.

One of the clergy connected to St. Stephen’s will perform the wedding. If you have your own clergyperson s/he will need to coordinate with the Rector of St. Stephen’s.

If one or both of you are divorced
You will need to provide a copy of your divorce decree(s) to the parish office at least 60 days before the wedding so that we can obtain the bishop’s approval for your remarriage. This is generally just a formality.

Pre-marital counseling
In the Episcopal Church we take seriously that you are coming to a particular community seeking God’s blessing on your marriage. We therefore require pre-marital counseling to offer you the opportunity to examine and reflect on various areas of married life. Our clergy meet with each couple at least four times before the rehearsal.

We have several lovely spaces, both indoor and outdoor, on our campus and will be happy to show them to you. They must be booked well in advance.

We will provide an organist. If you wish to have another musician/s you will need to coordinate that with the Rector
Photography and Videography
Flash photography is permitted only during the entrance and exit of the bridal party, all other photography is to be done using ambient light. The photographer must be unobtrusive, remembering that this is a religious service. The same requirements are in place for videographers. Additionally, they must remain stationary during the actual service. Our clergy are happy to re-stage any portion of the service afterwards.

Rice and birdseed
We do not allow rice or birdseed to be thrown on the premises.