ConfirmationConfirmation, one of the seven sacraments in the Episcopal Church, is an adult profession of faith. It takes place when one has reached a time in his spiritual journey of choosing to publicly claim for herself the baptismal vows previously taken on his/her behalf by others.

Lacking a formal rite of passage common to many faith traditions such as the Jewish Bar/Bat Mitzvah, in the past many treated Confirmation as such. It was therefore the custom in many churches to prepare young people for Confirmation around the age of 13, regardless of the young person’s spiritual readiness to take this step on his or her own. Fortunately in recent years many churches have adopted the “Rite 13” liturgy to acknowledge (during a designated worship service) a young person’s transition from childhood into manhood or womanhood. This is the practice at St. Stephen’s.

Young people are prepared for Confirmation in the context of the Journey to Adulthood youth curriculum. This preparation now takes place when they are in their later teen years (15-17) and it is made clear that it is up to them to choose to be confirmed at this time or not.

Confirmation takes place once a year when the bishop makes his annual visit. The process for adults who wish to be confirmed, or who have been confirmed in another Christian church and wish to be received into the Episcopal Church, can be found by visiting the Join St. Stephen’s page of this Web site.

For any further questions, please contact The Rev’d Willie Allen-Faiella.