A Baptism at St. Stephen’s

Baptisms at St. Stephen's Episcopal ChurchThe Sacrament of Holy Baptism is the beginning of a person’s life in Jesus Christ. It is also the beginning of that person’s commitment to becoming part of the Body of Christ, the church. When this sacrament is administered to an infant or young child it is with the understanding that the parents and godparents will commit to the promise they make during the service to be “responsible for seeing that the child you present is brought up in the Christian faith and life.” Baptism is a commitment to a lifelong journey, not a sentimental one day event.

We welcome those who wish to be baptized or have their children baptized at St. Stephen’s; we do so with the understanding that you are or will become part of this church community.

The Sacrament of Holy Baptism is usually administered during the Mass on Sunday with the gathered community of the Church welcoming the newly baptized into the household of God. At St. Stephen’s we therefore do not administer the sacrament privately (except in cases of extreme emergency).

The days on which baptism is normally administered are:

  • The Baptism of Our Lord (the Sunday following January 6th)
  • The Great Vigil of Easter (7:00 P.M. Mass the evening before Easter Day)
  • Pentecost (the exact date changes from year to year, but is always 50 days after Easter Day)
  • All Saints Day (always observed on the Sunday following November 1st)

There is no fee for baptism, but it is customary to make a financial contribution to the church and a financial honorarium to the priest if you are not already a pledging member of St. Stephen’s. For more information, please contact The Rev’d Willie Allen-Faiella.