Nepenthe GardenParalleling the church on its western side is a peaceful garden surrounded by a lovely vine-covered wall. This is a quiet place to sit, pray, and meditate, shutting out the noise and hubbub of the surrounding urban area.

The garden is called “Nepenthe” which comes from the Greek for “no more pain and suffering”. It points toward the ultimate beauty and tranquility of God’s realm.

Within the garden is a columbarium – a wall of sealed niches for the interment of ashes. The columbarium is available as a final resting place not only for members of St. Stephen’s, but also for people from the wider community.

The Garden of Nepenthe is also a place to honor, or give thanksgiving, for special people or events in one’s life – a birth, a baptism, or a marriage for example, in addition to commemorating the life of a loved one. The means for offering thanksgiving, honor, or commemoration include benches within the garden, angels affixed to the wall, paving stone plaques, and small and larger garden plots. Please see below for a list of prices.

If you wish to learn more about the Garden of Nepenthe, please contact the parish office or call (305)448-2601.


Half niche
(one urn)
$1800 $2800
Full niche
(two urns)*
$3600 $5600
Angels $400 $400
Paving stones $250 $250
Granite benches $3500 $3500
Small garden plots $350** $350**
Teddy Bear Palm trees $1000 $1000
Additional columbarium niche wall $20,000 $20,000

*Please note that niches will only be shared at the request of a family; they will not be arbitrarily assigned)

** Small & Large garden plots carry annual maintenance fees of $75 and $100, respectively