Lotus House kids need you

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Loving and fun folks needed

Lotus House has an urgent need for volunteers for a specific fun job. They need loving and fun folks for one-hour-long children’s groups that take place in the evenings and on Saturdays. These groups are super important at the shelter, because they allow the moms to go to support groups and counseling sessions when they get off work.

The groups last an hour and have eight to 15 children ages 3 to 10. Activities can be most anything you think would be fun for the kids. Reading books and art projects could be staples. It would be a great to team up with a friend and sign up together. Because it is work with the kids, a background check is necessary. (We can explain this more to potential volunteers. It’s relatively easy.)

Even if you are not able to volunteer, please forward this request to anyone you think might be interested. Retired teachers? Artists? Moms missing their brood? Anyone with a nurturing, playful heart! Send them Katherine Villano’s way for questions. If anyone is just interested in Lotus House but not able to volunteer, Katherine would love to talk to them. Click here for the Lotus House website:  www.lotushouse.org.  Or watch a video by clicking the Lotus House image above.

Email Katherine at k@kvillano.com or call her at 786-514-0422.  Thanks for your help.