Who are the people of St. Stephen’s?

(Please wait a few moments for the pictures to appear.  You’ll be glad you did.)

If you have met some of the people of St. Stephen’s, you may have noticed that we are happy people.  Our church provides a nice framework for our lives – a place to worship, learn, play, work, eat, celebrate, and commune with each other and with God.  St. Stephen’s people are generally passionate about helping others and committed to a ministry that reaches outside our church to the community and the world.  However, there is no stereotypical St. Stephen’s person.  All are welcome here – rich or homelesss, gay or straight, black or white, young or old, traditional and proper or way, way out.  We practice more than tolerance.  We believe that every person is loved unconditionally by God and has a unique place at our table, and therefore we welcome and celebrate our differences.  Although we take our religion very seriously indeed, we do not take ourselves seriously at all.  We invite you to come and see for yourself.  We worship together at 8 am and 10:30 am every Sunday, and there are many ways to get involved.  Please consider making St. Stephen’s your parish home.