Open Arms

Our Mission

We celebrate in our community a real and present God, who affirms the precious value of every person in the life and example of Jesus.

We seek out, invite, and welcome all people and encourage them to join us in a life of worship, mercy, justice, learning, and service.

Our Core Values

We invite all people to know God’s love.
St. Stephen’s is a welcoming community celebrating God’s Unconditional love for us all.

We answer God’s call to serve.
St. Stephen’s is committed to spreading Christ’s message of God’s love through outreach, giving, and by working for justice.

We rejoice in each person’s spiritual growth.
St. Stephen’s cherishes the freedom to know and express God’s love in all its many forms.

We celebrate the Eucharist.
St. Stephen’s honors the traditions of the Episcopal Church while interpreting God’s word in a contemporary context.

Our Vision

St. Stephen’s at 113:  The Heart of the Grove — and Reaching Beyond.